Below are some of my rants. They are just for fun. If you feel they are offensive, the best thing to do is to not read them.

Cleaning Culverts

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I love rain. When I was a boy, you could hear the rain on the roof. I suppose that was because there was not a lot of insulation up there. While I was sleeping, snug in my bed, my father would be out checking the gullies and culverts under the driveways on the place. He knew that if it hadn’t rained for a while, culverts would plug up with leaves and twigs and would wash out driveways. I remember thinking how cold it must be, out there. We lived in Southern California and probably most of the rains were in the 40s and 50s but what did a kid...

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I am thinking about Pluto (Plu-Tow), the planet. When the 9th planet was discovered, it was such a big deal Walt Disney named a dog after it. Fast forward to my teaching days. As an elementary teacher, I taught science and of course I passed on information about the nine planets. There are probably 1000 former students who know that Pluto was the 9th planet. Well, I suppose, given my questionable abilities to teach, there are perhaps 600 students who may have a vague recollection of planets and possibly, Pluto. I retired and to tell you the...

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Microwaves Are Not Faster

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Ruth didn’t want a microwave for years. She said she could heat things on a gas stove faster than a microwave. She still can. Ruth believes in a big fire under things. But of course we eventually got a microwave and have worn several out. I have decided I agree with Ruth. Microwaves are no faster than other devices. When I punch plus one (1) on a microwave the timer seems to take about one minute. I stand impatiently and say things like, “A minute on this thing seems to take about a minute. I thought it was supposed to be fast.” I have...

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Cafeteria Bottlenecks

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(As with the rant “Cafeteria Design” this is moot as lunches are now pre-packaged and shrink wrapped at a central kitchen.) The movie Home Alone has a scene when Kevin is sitting in a chair eating ice cream covered with all sorts of junk food. He yells, “Guys, I’m eating junk and watching rubbish! You better come out and stop me! ” Of course he is home alone so so one stops him. I always thought that his parents had not spent a lot of time stopping him before, but that is just me. My mother was an official...

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Cafeteria Design

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I wrote this ages ago. This rant shows my age because it is moot. School lunches are now packaged at a central kitchen and served in sealed compartmentalized plastic trays. However, I am sure this method of feeding the masses has not changed school design. California has a strange plan for designing schools. My brother-in-law, Carl, had the right idea years ago. The state should have ten school designs and the plans on file. No new architect for each building. But, that is not the case. I won’t try your patience by discussing the...

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So, That’s Electric?

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Most of you know that Ruth and I drive an electric car. My friend Tom, who does not tolerate nerdiness well said, “Is the sign big enough?” when he first saw the car. He didn’t ask if it was electric. When we first purchased the car, electric cars were not as prevalent as they are today. The following is a typical electric car conversation we might have experienced in those early days. Scene: Parking Lot. Hapless fellow wanders up and stares at the Electric Vehicle sign in the back window of the car. Guy: So’s, that...

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Black Salve

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I suppose most of us can remember things that parents did to keep us well. Our lives are filled with little sayings that can be of aid in situations of illness. Personally, I can never remember if you feed or starve a cold. This gives me little ammunition in case of a fever. One unique treatment in my mother’s family was Black Salve. Black Salve was what you put on a cut or scratch that was getting infected. I am not sure this is anything unique. A Google search instantly turns up many recipes for Black Salve. Aunt Arline was the keeper...

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Beckman Family Reunion

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Where would George be if it were not for nostalgia? I suppose he wouldn’t sing songs like “Forever Young” when saying good-bye to sixth graders he had just spent 180 days with. He wouldn’t learn WWII songs on the piano and play them late at night. He wouldn’t write nonsense to friends, old and new. We hear of weather cycles. We hear of the 17 year cicadas. There are years of nostalgia. This year is my 50th high school reunion. This has put me in contact with friends I knew for a short time. One friend, Bill, has become somewhat a...

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Vaccination Flumdummery

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(It may be worth noting that this was written in April of 2014) I suppose this will hit some as meddling. I consider the actions of those I am about to describe as meddling. In the county next to us, Nevada County, 20% of the children in Kindergarten are there with a vaccination waver. This means that these kids don’t have the required vaccinations to enter kindergarten. I will make this simple. First, we must understand the herd effect of vaccinations by talking about a disease that has no vaccination; malaria. Malaria has been eradicated...

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Beckmans Decimate the Rain Forest

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In the Paul Newman movie, Nobody’s Fool,  his landlady, Jessica Tandy, constantly offers “Sully” a cup of tea: Mrs. Peoples: “Would you like a cup of tea?”  Sully: “Nope, not now, not ever.” Ruth and I drink green tea every morning. This is because green tea is supposed to have antioxidants that will keep you healthy. Ruth really does not like to drink her tea.  We have adapted the lines from Nobody’s Fool  as follows: George: Do you want your tea? Ruth: I don’t want any tea now; I...

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