Below are some of my rants. They are just for fun. If you feel they are offensive, the best thing to do is to not read them.

Beckmans Decimate the Rain Forest

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In the Paul Newman movie, Nobody’s Fool,  his landlady, Jessica Tandy, constantly offers “Sully” a cup of tea: Mrs. Peoples: “Would you like a cup of tea?”  Sully: “Nope, not now, not ever.” Ruth and I drink green tea every morning. This is because green tea is supposed to have antioxidants that will keep you healthy. Ruth really does not like to drink her tea.  We have adapted the lines from Nobody’s Fool  as follows: George: Do you want your tea? Ruth: I don’t want any tea now; I...

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Moonie Bugs

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My Grandmother Sheely was a shy woman who’s love ran deep. Grandma taught me quite a bit, as I spent many afternoons with her after school. One of the things she showed me, in the powdery dirt under the oak trees, were moonie bugs or at least their little cones in the dirt. We didn’t have moonie bugs in Madera but at Calvin Crest, during 6th grade Outdoor Education, I was able to show the kiddies moonie bug holes and even was able to catch a moonie bug for one group. For the curious, moonie bugs are also called antlions. Some refer...

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It would appear that our children miss us when we are off doing what ever we do in the motor home. We always make a stop at our great friends, The Van Winkles, in Missouri. Apparently we “go absent” and do not communicate as readily as when we are at home. Of course, I write these pieces of nonsense but as you know they are not exactly informative. In fact I pride myself in giving as little information as possible about where we are or what we are doing. If I do write about an actual event, I try to let some time pass before...

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Let me begin by saying that I don’t know beans about basketball. I know that March Madness is a big time for fans and am 98.35% sure we are talking college ball. This is because our Son-In-Law graduated from UCLA. Daughter Dearest hales from USC, so they have an interesting household. The deal there is if you buy a kid an item of Trojan Wear you have to get the kid an item of the Bruin ilk also. Driving though the Midwest, we see little town after little town. We know this because the high school team mascot is often emblazoned upon the...

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The Wheelbarrow

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The movie Raising Arizona stars Nicholas Cage and Holly Hunter. Great movie; early Coen brothers. The song “Away Out on the Mountain” (Jimmy Rogers, 1928) is used, especially the yodel part, which was whistled in the movie. Father, who passed away at 98, would be 104 years old. The other day I was pushing father’s wheelbarrow up the hill from the old barn with some dirt and thought about him. Not the 98 year old father but the one that used to push that wheelbarrow in San Dimas Canyon. He pushed it for miles. He would have...

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Falling in Love in the Rain

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The Smell Of Green When it rained there The drops had water in them; Magnified by drips from the trees Falling on the beamed ceiling roof Spattering an unsteady staccato. The front porch gave the best effect; ...

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Ariens AMP Electric Lawnmower

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I recently related putting new Lithium (LiFePO4) batteries in our Ariens electric lawnmower. Ruth is as happy as can be. She mows with a vengeance only slowing slightly for sharp turns. Ruth believes in getting work done fast. I can remember when Rachel was a little girl, helping in the kitchen, Ruth would say, “Make your hands go fast, Honey, make your hands go fast…” Click Here for the Movie —> Ruth Mows

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Screaming for Scrunchies

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Every now and then I think back to my days with the Kiddies. For years, sixth grade grils (sic) were big on scrunchies to hold their hair in a pony tail. A scrunchy, technically, is a colorful, usually fuzzy elastic hair band. However, I am not sure the Kiddies knew the difference between a scrunchy and a hair band made of colorful elastic. A good time with the Kiddies could be had on many subjects, but when filling a moment while waiting for announcements or PE or whatever, “Screaming for Scrunchies” went something like...

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Tax Plan

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I know it has been a while since I have ranted about some inane bit of trivia. This does not mean that I have not been ranting about inane trivia. I have. I simply have spared you the pain of seeing this site clogged with more flumdummery. So, here is the deal. The US of A Government thinks we owe taxes. This is on my mind because I just have been horsing around with this year’s tax preparation nonsense. That is because the US of A Government has an odd way of handling this situation. Normally if I owe a company money, the company...

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The Friends

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A couple of years ago, cleaning out the Arizona house and thinking about enchiladas made me think of days gone by. I do that from time to time. I wrote “The Friends”. I love the rain. I loved the rain on the roof of the house where I grew, in San Dimas Canyon. The coming rain made it seem like a good day to post “The Friends”. Father and Carroll White were great friends. Such great friends that we, their children, call them The Friends. We have a great picture of Carroll and Jack, taken in about 1938. The families...

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