The Grade Book

What Is PGGP?

PGGP stands for Pretty Good Grading Program.

As a teacher I dreaded making out report cards. When “desktop” computers came into being, I wrote a program to help me keep grades. The idea grew, and I began marketing PGGP in 1987. I said good-bye to my last school in 2016. Even without the magic of computer math, I can tell that is 29 years. During the 29 years, I had great customers and wrote and re-wrote PGGP many times. The last “series” was for Mac and Windows and ended with Version 5.

In its prime, PGGP was allowing parents to view grades online and PGGP was able to print Report Cards that looked exactly the school’ original card. Online Grades was hacked by ISIS and I figured, enough… thus ending a 29-year run. Thanks, Teachers!

When I shut down the PGGP site, I moved the files here to:

See the Old PGGP Website

I have not tested each page and cannot guarantee all links still work. I assume you can still download PGGP and if you are a teach and feel you could use PGGP, you are welcome to use it, free. If you wanted to drop a note and say, GJG (Good Job George) that would be appreciated.

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