GMC Motor Home

Ruth and I never thought we would have a motor home.  However, our long, long time friends, Randy and Margie Van Winkle got a GMC and Randy has always had a big influence on my life.  We are now driving our second GMC motor home and love it.  Our GMC is a 1974 Eleganza SE.  GMC motor homes are the only motor homes built by a major automobile manufacturer.  Our GMC was made in the GMC factory in Pontiac Michigan.  It was designed and engineered by GM, including the interior.

With a great deal of help from our great friends the coach was painted, electronic fuel injection added, disk brakes all around and many other improvements. Our coach also has 16″ aluminum wheels. The original 16.5″ tires are getting hard to find. We added T skirts to the rear bogies.

GMC motor homes have air suspension in the rear. They ride and drive like a dream. In parking lots we only slow down for speed bumps because it is the safe thing to do. We have driven the GMC over 45K miles.


The 1974 Eleganza SE. The paint was pretty tired and when I brought it home, the little neighbor boy said, “Why did George buy such an ugly motor home?” On the other hand, we were able to drive it over the Grapevine and home with no problems.

We have taken some great trips. We love Northern New Mexico. Here is a picture of the motor home hiding above Truchas. Look hard, in the middle.

Angel Lake NV

Here the coach is at Angel Lake, NV. A professional center fielder could probably throw a ball across the lake. On the road up to the lake you feel like there is more sky below you than above you, but it was a wonderful spot.

The GMC at Graestone. Notice that the storage pod has been removed.

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