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So, That’s Electric?

Most of you know that Ruth and I drive an electric car. My friend Tom, who does not tolerate nerdiness well said, “Is the sign big enough?” when he first saw the car. He didn’t ask if it was electric.

When we first purchased the car, electric cars were not as prevalent as they are today. The following is a typical electric car conversation we might have experienced in those early days.

Scene: Parking Lot. Hapless fellow wanders up and stares at the Electric Vehicle sign in the back window of the car.


Guy: So’s, that electric?
Me: Yeah
Guy: So, how’s that work?
Me: (resisting the urge to say, “With electricity”) Pretty good.
Guy: So, what… you plug it in or something?
Me: Yes
Guy: So, how’s that work?
Me: (resisting the urge to say, “Well you put the little prongs in the outlet.) Well, we never noticed a change in our electric bill.
Guy: So, I guess it is pretty cheap to run.
Me: Sure.
Guy: (pondering for a moment) So, what… it doesn’t have a gas motor?
Me: (resisting the urge to say, “No, it is electric.”) No, it never had an engine. It was purchased from GM with no engine and made into an electric car.
Guy: So, it doesn’t have a gas tank?
Me: No, its electric.
Guy: I bet that saves on gas. How far’s it go?
Me: Well, it is supposed to go about 30 miles. We usually don’t go that far.
Guy: So, you wouldn’t drive it on a long trip…
Me: (looking for an escape) No. Hey, nice talking to you.

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